Funding for Teacher Training

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There is a bewildering range of postgraduate initial teacher training (ITT) courses to choose from. Each of them have differing eligibility requirements and different arrangements for the financial support of trainee teachers.

Through this short test, we ask you five questions and, on the basis of your answers to those questions, provide you with tailored information about the financial support available to you for each of the different types of ITT course.

Test Your Eligibility for Funding

The key factors affecting your eligibility for different categories of ITT course and your financial entitlement for each of those categories are:

  1. the level of your highest academic qualification and/ or your actual/ anticipated degree class
  2. where in England you will be living and/ or training during your ITT course
  3. how much work experience you have
  4. the phase and subject that wish to train to teach.

This test provides guidance on:

  • training bursary, scholarship and early-career payment eligibility
  • tuition fees (payment)
  • tuition fees (loans)
  • maintenance loans
  • unqualified teacher salary rates and net take home salary

Having completed this test you should have a good idea of the financial offers available to you depending on which type of ITT course you wish to enrol on. At the end of the test you will be given the opportunity to access a downloadable spreadsheet where you will be able to calculate exact sums for a range of different courses and circumstances.

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