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Have you thought about becoming a qualified teacher? Applying to qualify as a teacher and training and qualifying as a teacher is time consuming and can be expensive. So why not find out first whether you are eligible and whether or not you are suited to become a teacher.

This test sets out the eligibility criteria that you will need to meet in order to apply for and to be considered for a place on an initial teacher training course.

The Graduate Teaching Scheme provides you with the opportunity to try working and teaching in a school or academy BEFORE deciding whether you wish to proceed and to become a qualified teacher.

The criteria for acceptance on to the Graduate Teaching Scheme align with the eligibility criteria for application to an initial teacher training teacher course. If you are eligible for the Graduate Teaching Scheme, you will almost certainly be eligible to apply to a postgraduate initial teacher training course should you wish to continue after the internship.

Whether you are applying for the GTS and/ or thinking about applying to a postgraduate initial teacher training and qualification, this test will provide you with a strong indication of your eligibility.

If you are eligible or likely to be eligible, you will be able to print a Certificate at the end of the test and use this as evidence in your application.

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