Introduction to Teaching

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Course Description

The course is designed for graduates who are considering entering the teaching profession and specifically those who are seeking a position via the Graduate Teaching Scheme or other school based employment as a means of testing their suitability for the profession.

This course will look at the English school system and provide graduates with an in-depth look at the work of teachers and the setting in which teaching and learning takes place. Graduates who complete this course will be in a position to make better informed choices about the type of school and phase that they would like to work in and will also be be better prepared for interviews and assessment days in school.

If you have started or are intending to start your application for the Graduate Teaching Scheme or a teacher training programme, we strongly advise your to take this course to both better inform your decisions and to strengthen your ability to perform well at interview or selection days. It is crucial in such circumstances, that you have a basic level of understanding of the English schools system, the roles of teaching and learning support staff and of what is taught across the phases.

When you have completed this course you will be able to download a certificate of completion.

Please contact GradstoTeaching if you have any questions relating to this course and the Graduate Teaching Scheme.

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