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Do you think you are suitable to try teaching and to become an unqualified or qualified teacher?
The course is designed for graduates who are considering entering the teaching profession and specifically those who are seeking a position through the Graduate Teaching Scheme or other school based employment as a means of testing their suitability

Teaching is rewarding but also hard, work. Teachers are expected to demonstrate professionalism at all times and have high standards. Not everyone is suited to being a teacher and that’s not a problem. So, before committing time and money to training to be a teacher, it makes sense to get a suitability sense check first.

This suitability course is part of our suite of courses designed to help graduates test and assess their overall suitability and eligibility for teaching. You may also wish to take our Eligibility and Preparedness course and tests to establish whether initial teacher training is right for you.

If you have started or are intending to start your application for the Graduate Teaching Scheme or a teacher training programme, we strongly advise your to take this course to both better inform your decisions and to strengthen your ability to perform well at interview or selection days.

When you have completed the suitability test and if your responses to the questions indicate that you are suitable for a career in teaching, you will be able to download a suitability certificate.

Please contact GradstoTeaching if you have any questions relating to this course and the Graduate Teaching Internship Scheme.

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